EDTA Speakeasy Sept 12 & 13: How and why trust matters in academic development

Celia Popovic and Fiona Smart invite you to the Sept 2023 EDTA Speakeasy and it is an EDTA first!!

Our provocateurs are: Dr Kathryn Sutherland, Victoria University of Wellington; Dr Gabriela Pleschová, Comenius University Bratislava; Dr Rachel Forsyth, Lund University; Professor Peter Felten, Elon University; and Dr Julie Timmermans, University of Otago

The provocation is …

We often take as a given that trust is essential for effective learning and teaching relationships (Beltrano et al., 2021; Carless, 2012; Felten & Lambert, 2020; Pedersen et al., 2022). However, scholars regularly note that many of the claims about trust in higher education are based more on intuition than research (Tierney, 2006; Hagenaur & Volet, 2014). Might the same be the case in educational development? We have an excellent guide on building trusting rapport in our work based on interviews with developers (West et al., 2017), thoughtful studies on trustful conversations in faculty and academic development (Cook-Sather et al, 2021; Simon & Pleschová 2021) and new conceptual articles exploring the nature of credibility and trustworthiness in educational development (Little & Green, 2022). What more should we be asking about trust in practice and in context? How do identities and cultures influence trust in educational development interactions? Does compulsory or voluntary participation in our programmes influence whether and how trust develops? Will people perhaps distrust us if our work addresses primarily institutional rather than individual priorities (Roxå & Mårtensson, 2017)?

To register: email Fiona at FMSmart@outlook.com – do tell her which Speakeasy you will join
*EDTA: Educational Developers Thinking Allowed

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